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Top 10 Vitamin E Foods for Healthy Skin

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All of us love to have a smooth, shiny and radiant skin. Many do try their luck on applying various vitamin based creams, moisturizers, lotions to get anti-aging benefits, improve the tone and texture of your skin etc. But it is also very important that apart from these external supplements, a well balanced diet is very important by eating a variety of health foods that keep your skin supple and glowing.


Vitamin E is a fat-soluble substance found naturally in many foods which carry a tremendous benefit for skin cells. Through its anti-oxidant properties, vitamin E help fight the signs of aging, protects from sun damage and even aids in lowering skin cancer risks. Vitamin E is extremely crucial for our health as it helps in fighting and preventing several health and skin related problems.


In addition to this, it also works in maintaining a healthier liver, kidneys and heart. As this very important vitamin E cannot be produced naturally by the human body, we need to consume from external sources like natural sources from various foods or synthetic supplements.


Top Foods rich in Vitamin E:

There are a variety of useful and healthy foods enriched with vitamin E that we all must look to include in our daily diet. Some of the popular foods are:



Almonds are considered to be the richest natural sources of vitamin E.  Apart from eating raw almonds, almond milk (badam milk) or almond oil are also rich sources of vitamin E. It is said that a 100 gms of almonds provides about 26.2 mg of vitamin E. Other nuts like peanuts provide 2.2 mg and Hazelnut delivers 4.3 mg per ounce.



Mustard Greens:

Mustard greens are commonly known as sarson and is widely used in Punjabi cuisine. It is used in making the signature dish popularly known as sarson ka saag and makkai ki roti. One cup of chopped mustard greens contains about 1.13 mg of essential vitamin E along with other nutrients.


Raw Seeds:

Raw seeds like sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds or sunflower are excellent sources of vitamin E. They are extensively used in garnishing over salads or soups or also used for flavoring or thickening exotic spicy gravies. About one ounce of dry roasted sunflower seeds will deliver 7.4 mg of vitamin E, while sunflower oil provides 5.6 mg of the vitamin.




Spinach is a power packed complete health booster loaded with vitamin E and many other antioxidants, essential nutrients and vitamins. It is one of the best super green veggies that must be added in your daily diet. ½ cup of cooking spinach provides about 16% of the daily value.


Canola oil:

Most vegetable oils should be replaced with healthier alternatives with more vitamin E content. One tablespoon of canola oil contains about 2.44 mg of vitamin E.



This fruit is extremely and benefitting source of vitamin E although it is commonly known as vitamin C rich fruit. Papaya is a remarkable fruit which can be added into making of fresh salads, fruit smoothies etc. One fresh papaya can offer about 17% of daily requirement of vitamin E.



This is an amazing fruit and is a great way of getting your daily vitamin E. You could cleverly add them into making of mouth-watering pizzas, salads, pastas etc. Olive contains a good amount of vitamin E. 100 gms cured, and canned fruits provide 1.65 mg.

Fortified Cereals:

Ready to eat fortified cereals will give you approximately from 1.6 to 12.8 mg of vitamin E per serving.


Tomato is a true super food that invariably makes its way into your diet in various forms. Apart from vitamin E, they also provide you with vitamin C, Iron and Fiber. Half cup of tomato puree or tomato sauce both have 2.5 mg of vitamin E.




Avocado is one of the most healthiest and delicious vitamin E rich foods. You could easily incorporate avocado into your yummy salads and sandwiches or mash up avocado with little seasoning to make a appetizing guacamole. Half an avocado boasts over 2.1 mg of vitamin E Apart from the above list, vitamin E is present adequately in the following food groups such as Green turnips, Kale, Raw chards, Plant oils, Broccoli, Parsley, Eggs, Soya beans etc.

I am sure this would have been an eye opener having learnt where vitamin E comes from, what happens when we don’t have enough of this vitamin in our body. Do include these wonderful and appetizing vitamin E rich foods and eat wise and healthy always. It is important that we eat a rich whole meal full of all nutrients in moderate levels.

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