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Idli Podi - Gun Powder

Idli podi is a side dish which is served along with idli....

Date: - Feb 25, 2019

Kandi Podi - toor dal spice Powder

Kandi podi is prepared of dry roasted dals (lentils) with other spices to give a nice aromatic fragrance and delicious to eat with plain rice and ghee (clarified butter). this is another form of gunpowder make with toor dal and very famous in Andhra Pradesh....

Date: - Feb 5, 2019

The Best of Hyderabad Streets Spice Powder Dosa

This is a kind of dry powder made with different spices, eaten with dosa, in South India....

Date: - Feb 19, 2019

Mysore Rasam

Rasam is a type of thin and spicy lentil soup which is an integral part of any South Indian meal but is different from the popular sambhar.There are many version of rasam, some are made with lentil and some are made without using any lentil ,taste almost like a spicy tomato or vegetable broth....

Date: - Feb 11, 2019

Gun Powder for Idli Dosa Tava Fry

Gunpowder or Milaga podi is made with a perfect blend of spices using the red chilies, urad dal, chana dal, hing or asafoetida, black pepper and little rice....

Date: - Jan 3, 2019

Curry Leaf Powder

Curry leaves has a unique aroma & taste and has a lot of medicinal properties. It is very rich in calcium, iron and vitamin A....

Date: - Oct 27, 2018

Gun Powder -Milaga podi

Spicy gun powder ,apart from pickles podis are another form of spicing up many dishes....

Date: - Mar 13, 2019

Rice Flour Upma

This rice flour upma recipe is a traditional south Indian recipe. Rice flour upma is an easier version of rava/suji/semolina upma. It is easy to make....

Date: - Dec 3, 2018

Mutton sambhar

Mutton Sambar is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Curries. ...

Date: - Dec 20, 2018


Bitter gourd karam is an excellent and wonderful dish for diabetic patients, prepared with bitter gourd, peanuts, red chilli, roasted gram and spices. ...

Date: - Feb 27, 2019

Potato podimas  fry

How to makePotato podimas fry?How to cookPotato podimas fry?Learn the recipePotato podimas fryby vahchef.For all recipes visit

Date: - Feb 16, 2019

Amaranth leaves Potato Fry

A mild and sweet flavored stir fry using amaranth leaves and potato. This indeed is a healthy green vegetable combined with potatoes is best to relish nutritious food at your home with family. ...

Date: - Feb 9, 2019


Milaga podi also popularly known as Milagai podi or Idli podi is a spicy aromatic powder preserved in small or big quantities for some days or m...

Date: - Sep 23, 2016


Kandi podi a classic Andhra recipe which is actually a flavorsome, protein packed lentil spiced powder. South Indian cuisine is popular fo...

Date: - Sep 2, 2016


    Potato podimas is a famous south Indian dish. Potato is an all time favorite and the most adored vegetable to one and all...

Date: - Sep 1, 2016

Usri Karam Podi

Usri Karam Podi is an amazing spice mix powder made with Amla (Indian Gooseberry), dry red chillies, coriander seeds and garlic blended toge...

Date: - Sep 18, 2016

Drumstick Leaves Podi

Drumstick leaves podi is a spicy powder which gives a vibrant flavor to the palate and nutrition to the body. Drumstick Leaves Podi is a spi...

Date: - Sep 27, 2016

Methi Leaves Podi

Methi leaves podi is an excellent chutney spice mix powder, is a mix of fenugreek leaves or methi leaves, coriander seeds, dals,...

Date: - Feb 16, 2017

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