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Baloo sahi
Balushahi is a traditional Indian sweet popular all over Indian, Pakistan and Nepal. Balushahi is a sweet that appears similar to a glazed doughnut. This traditional Indian sweet is called as Balushahi in northern Indian and Badushah in the southern India. Balushahi is a luscious Indian sweet crispy outside and smooth and soft inside once fried.
Balushahi is a delicacy made of all purpose flour (maida flour) and clarified butter fried and dipped in sweet syrup which is simply irresistible. Badushah is one of the popular and favorite South Indian sweet especially prepared during marriages, functions and on Diwali festival. Badushah looks like a Indian doughnut smaller than the original doughnut size.
This sweet is a floury fritter that is deep fried and soaked well in sugar syrup to give a nice glazy appearance. Badushah is golden in color, crisp and flaky exterior which gives nice crackling sound when you bite and soft, tender and juicy inside. The making of Balushahi may vary region to region wise. In northern India, the Balushahi is nicely garnished with pistachios, other nuts or even saffron threads whereas in southern India they use cardamom powder or rose water for flavoring. To prepare the Balushahi, add all purpose flour (maida) in a mixing bowl. Add cooking soda and baking powder to the maida and mix.
The cooking soda and baking powder helps in aerating the flour. Add ghee or butter or any other fat to the flour and mix well. Do not knead the flour into a batter. Just lightly keep mixing well. Add some curds and mix again. Once again do not knead the flour but just mix well. As you mix, you can see that the dough is all flaky.
This is the consistency needed for the dough to rise and have a nice texture. Keep it aside to rise for 10 mins. Mix the flour lightly and take lime size dough and make a ball out of it and make a dent or hole in the middle of the ball. In a wide pan, add sugar and little water and boil to make one string consistency sugar syrup, when the syrup is almost done start frying the balushahi. In a frying pan heat oil on a slow to medium flame and fry the balushahi till they turn light golden  color. If the oil is too hot then the outside of the ball will get cooked real fast and get brown but the inner side will be raw.
So make sure you fry them on slow flame. As they turn golden brown remove them and dip them into the sugar syrup directly. Let it soak fro 2 mins and arrange on a plate. It’s important to make sure that both the syrup and badusha are fairly warm. If you wait too long, the syrup will thicken and form crystals. And if badushah are not warm, they won’t absorb sugar syrup properly.
Balushahi is not a very sweet dish as it is only coated with sugar syrup but tasty and the flaky texture helps in absorbing the sugar syrup into the balushahi to make it truly juicy. Badushah is easily available at every sweet or mithai shop.Normally there is an illusion among people that it’s difficult to prepare the balushahi at home.
But I bet if you watch the video on making of Balushahi you would realize how easy it is to prepare at home. So without wasting time do take a moment from your busy schedule and watch the making of balushahi and delight your family and friends with this delicious juicy all time favorite Indian sweet. To watch the video click at:

     Baloo sahi

Author : Admin

Published On : Jun 7, 2009

Preparation Time: 7 min

Recipe Type : Desserts/Sweets

Cooking Time : 25 min

Standing Time : 5-8 mins

Yield : 4 (4 servings)

Ingredient : Maida


 Recipe of Baloo sahi
Ingredient Name Unit Quantity
baking powder
butter or dalda
cooking soda
as needed
Directions | How to make Baloo Sahi
Take a bowl add maida,cooking soda,baking powder mix well then add butter or dalda crumble it. Now add curd and mix well keep it side for 10 min. After 10 Min take the dough mix till the dry powder or maida is absorbed, now take the dough like small dumplings make a round shape, in the middle make a dent or Hole. Now in another pan add sugar add water make boil till  one string consistency surip. In a pan add oil to fry baloosahi deep fry in a very slow flame till light golden  colour.Then add the same to sugar surip dip for 2 min and remove.

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