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Every thing about BELLE JARDEN | Vahrehvah :

Belle Jarden is a simple, delicious and natural recipe which is prepared without any cooking hassles, all fresh veggies that includes cucumber, green apple, raw green mangoes and tomatoes combined together, seasoned with little salt and pepper to taste, mixed with delicious, sweet, tangy creamy yogurt accompanied with steaks.  

Belle Jarden is an excellent condiment and also be used as a salad or dip. This recipe is very similar to the south Asian dish ‘raita’, which is made from from plain yogurt with tomatoes, cucumber and avocado, cumin seeds, black salt, cilantro, and green chilies. The twist of this recipe just lies in the name of the dish and little variation in the ingredients. Belle Jarden is simple and easy to prepare, loaded with lots of nutrients and vitamins, economically cheap, low in calories and easily available with several health benefits.

The main ingredient in this recipe is the yogurt which unites all the fresh veggies and spices together giving a medley of exotic and plain flavours. It is a refreshing and soothing dish which taste excellently well with steaks or spicy dishes like tandoori chicken or kebabs. Yogurt is sweet, cooling and good for digestive tract. It is also a good source of calcium and vitamin D which helps to prevent osteoporosis.  

Yogurt adds additional nutritional goodness, distinctive taste, creamy texture and wonderful moistness to a wide variety of dishes. Yogurt is generally used in dips and dressing. It is also a useful addition to marinades as its high acidity helps tenderize meat. Yogurt is combined with a variety of vegetable, fruits or meats in making delectable recipes such as yogurt with roasted eggplant, kebab with yogurt, yogurt with bananas, spinach salad with yogurt, mullangi perugu pachadi (radish in yogurt) etc.  

Cucumber holds a vital role in any delicious salad or dip. Cucumbers are alkaline, non-starchy vegetables. They have incredible cooling properties and are wonderful as a digestive aid and have a purifying effect on the bowel. Cucumber which is firm, fresh and bright can be just washed and eaten raw or made into a refreshing cucumber juice. You can also serve them thinly sliced, raw, in sour cream, lemon juice, or yogurt for a delightful summer dish.  

Cucumber contains a large amount of water and is high in Vitamin C. The cucumber skin is rich in fiber and contains a variety of minerals like potassium, magnesium and tryptophan. Vitamin C is important for a good immune system and is required for the growth and repair of tissues. Fiber is another important element that helps to reduce constipation, colon cancer etc. Studies show that food high in fiber content will reduce the risk of heart diseases and improve glucose tolerance by reducing the risk of diabetes.  

Green Apples also known as Granny Smith is an excellent fruit that is hard, light green skin and is crisp with juicy flesh. When green, the acidity in the fruit mellows significantly and then takes on a balanced flavour. They are generally eaten raw, added in salads or commonly used in pie baking.  

Green Mango is a popular ingredient in Thai food used usually in salads. Indian food has a rich gamut of green mango delicacies that includes Mamidikaya pachidi (green mango pickle) popular in the Andhra region, Mango dal (lentil stew made with green mango), murabbas (preserves), mango panna (cooling drink made with green mango), mango rice, chutneys and many more. They are valued mainly for their tart and sour flavours.  

Green mango is a good source of vitamin C and great for warding off anemia and increasing the integrity of blood vessels. It is also good for the liver helping to increase the secretion of bile acids and cleans the intestines of bacterial infections. Green Mango is great for constipation and for mothers with morning sickness. Green Mango juice is good for sun stroke.  

Tomato is a versatile vegetable that is almost in every dish in our daily chores of cooking. They are best when combined with proteins. Tomatoes can be mixed both with either fruit or vegetable for making a scrumptious salad. They are cooling and refreshing in beverages and are especially good as flavouring for soups. You can also make delicious and mouth-watering jams, or sauces with tomatoes. Tomato gives amazing and incredible color to any green salad which makes it more inviting and appetizing.  

The tomato is not acid forming; it contains a great deal of citric acid but is alkaline forming when it enters the bloodstream. It increases the alkalinity of the blood and helps remove toxins, especially uric acid, from the system. As a liver cleanser, tomatoes are wonderful, especially when used with the green vegetable juices.

Tomatoes are very high in vitamin value. They are wonderful as a blood cleanser, and excellent in elimination diets. However, they should not be used to excess on a regular basis. Tomato juice can be used in convalescent diets, in combination with other raw vegetable juices such as celery, parsley, beet, and carrot juice.  

Finally, for preparing this humble, versatile and delightful Belle Jarden, firstly wash all the vegetables thoroughly and cut them into juliennes. Put them into a large bowl and add yogurt along with salt and pepper to taste. Goes extremely well with steaks, kebabs, tandoor dishes etc! After preparing this recipe, you’ll be amazed with its versatility and flavours.  

As a final point, this recipe is a remarkable dish with excellent source of all vital nutrients with amazing healing properties for various health problems.

Enjoy this tasty dish to eat healthy on a budget! Do give this a try.

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