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Mutton with Aloo

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Mutton with aloo is a remarkable Bengali dish, mildly spiced and flavourful. Steaming hot pot of mutton chunks simmered over low heat with cubes of potatoes dunked in freshly ground spices to make rich, thick gravy. Traditionally, the preparation involves slow cooking method so that the meat is cooked thoroughly well in its own juices which help the flavour of the spices to penetrate into the meat and aloo giving an enticing taste to your palates.

Potato or Aloo is a very versatile ingredient in almost all cuisines. Although not native to India, potato was introduced during the British rule and today has become a very common and popular ingredient used in a variety of Indian dishes. Today, India too is one of the largest producers of potato. Potatoes are often used in most northern parts of India and mostly in the state of Kashmir, Punjab, Delhi, Bihar etc.

Potatoes are also used in preparing dry fries and curry dishes. Many meat dishes in India are combined with potatoes in their curry. Meat cooked with potatoes is very a flavourful dish and gives a unique savour by the amalgamation of strong whole spices, yogurt, vinegar added in it. When cooked rightly, the meat becomes truly juicy, moist and when you take a bite, you can feel the exploration of classic flavours lingering in your mouth.

Aloo mixed in the saucy gravy absorbs the flavours and tastes too good. Yoghurt gives a smooth, delicate and silkiness to the gravy along with startling flavours. There are many dishes that one can make with meat or potato like Kashmiri mutton curry which is mildly spiced dish having nice and sweet flavours from fennel and mace, Mutton with ridge gourd curry etc.

Aloo or potatoes can be added to a simple potato masala to making an authentic spicy dish like dum aloo. Goat meat is one of the main sources of animal protein consumed by many worldwide. It is very popular in the North African and Middle Eastern nations.

They are also important in Southeast Asia, Caribbean and other tropical regions. It’s only the preferences, cooking technique and mainly the taste and flavours that differ from region to region. The mutton with aloo dish can be served with jeera rice, ghee bhath, naan, plain roti, chapatti, parotta or puri etc.

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