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Liver with dill leaf is a wonderful preparation with exotic and mouth-watering flavours from the fresh dill leaves added with liver pieces and cooked along with other spices. Dill leaf gives a nice sweet fragrance which is truly divine and highlights the dish. Liver with dill leaf is an ideal accompaniment with naan, roti, chapatti or rice.

Many of us love eating liver which is also prepared in many ways by adding spices like black pepper, or some karam (chilli) masala etc. Some of my other popular liver recipes are the Liver curry, Lamb Liver Masala, Chicken liver sukha etc. Liver with dill leaf is a very popular dish in south India. Liver is cheap, tender and an amazing second dish to go with a curry.

This is a very flavourful curry, having an earthy flavour from dill leaf, ginger garlic paste, poppy seeds – coconut paste, garam masala. Cooking liver is a bit tricky as it needs to be soft and juicy. Generally in Indian cooking, the liver is over-cooked but you can cook until the liver is tender otherwise they would turn rubbery and chewy. Liver with dill leaf is a speciality delicacy and is commonly called as kaleja curry.

Here I have used the Goat liver but you could also chicken liver to prepare this dish.  Goat liver is a great source of protein has an incredibly high percentage of your daily recommended amount of vitamin A. Any liver especially the Goat's is always considered a good source of Vitamin A and a good remedy for night blindness. Those who have cholesterol complaints should reduce the liver consumption.

Fresh dill leaves are thread-like, feathery leaves and is easy to spot the herb.  Dill is related to carrots and parsley. The leaves and the seeds of dill are highly valued both for their medicinal properties and for their culinary appeal. The essential oils extracted from dill seeds make it a versatile naturopathic remedy, especially for stomach and intestinal problems, mild insomnia, nervous ailments, flatulence and heartburn.

Moreover, dill is widely prescribed for many diseases of the liver and gallbladder and is often recommended to treat gastric problems in children because of its mild but effective action. In the kitchen, it is used as culinary purposes for flavourful addition to many dishes, nicely accenting fish and poultry, as well as potatoes, cucumbers and cheese. It is also used in various sauces, soups, vegetables and meat stews.

Poppy seeds, the other excellent ingredient are a must for all Non-Veg gravies or Veg kurmas at home. They have a wonderful creamy and nut like flavour and when used with ground coconut, the seeds provide a unique and flavour rich base gravy. Poppy seeds also add great taste to many Indian sweets.

To prepare this aromatic and delicious liver delicacy, firstly add little oil in a pan and when it becomes hot, add cumin seeds, chopped onions, butter, salt and cook the onions till light golden brown in colour then add ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder and mix well.

Add chopped dill leaves and mix well then add liver cut into small pieces. Add chilli powder, coriander powder, poppy seed and coconut paste and mix well it the liver pieces are nicely coated with the spices.

Close with a lid and cook for about 10 to 15 minutes. Once the liver is cooked, add pepper powder, garam masala powder, mix well and cook for 2 to 3 minutes and serve hot.

Liver with dill leaf flavours are truly exotic and mouth-watering. You would surely enjoy it while preparing.

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