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paneer paratha

Paneer Paratha, an incredible dish very popular all over north India and made with Indian flat bread stuffed with cottage cheese. Parathas are whole wheat Indian flat bread, staple in north India, popularly found in most of restaurants and dhabas in north India.

It is an awesome filling, soft and healthy dish usually served with raita or curd or pickle with few slices of onions. Parathas are generally pan fried Indian flatbread, crispy, flaky and they go well with most Indian dishes for example any gravy based curry or a dry stir fry.

Making the parathas are quite easy but remember that the flakier and more layered they are, the better the taste and crispier. Parathas are usually stuffed with vegetables such as boiled potatoes (aloo paratha), spinach (palak paratha), radish (mooli paratha), cauliflower (gobi paratha), minced meat (keema paratha), fenugreek leaves (methi paratha), minced chicken (chicken paratha) or onions (onion paratha) etc.

The stuffed parathas can be eaten simply or with a blob of butter spread on top accompanied with any chutney, pickle, yogurt or meat or vegetable curry. Sometimes you find that few people just roll the paratha into a tube like shape and eat it with tea, often dipping the paratha into the tea. This makes a complete balanced meal. Parathas are most popular unleavened flat breads in Indian and Pakistani cuisines. 

Paneer is an excellent ingredient, is soft fresh Indian cottage cheese made by simply using acid and no rennet, very simple to prepare at home. Paneer is widely used in north Indian cuisine. Most often, no party or family dinner is complete without a paneer delicacy.

Dishes like paneer butter masala, shahi paneer, kadhai paneer are all sensualist and luscious delicacies. Paneer kebabs and paneer tikka are exotic vegetarian option that substitutes meat dishes; hence no one is really going to miss the meat! Paneer is considered to be fresh cheese and never aged.

Made with whole milk, is also very high in protein and great addition to vegetarian diets. Paneer is a great way to start a meal. It is a versatile dairy product used in desserts, snacks or for main course cooking. Paneer paratha is a very health and nutritious breakfast for all age groups.

To make this healthy and nutritious Paneer parathas, firstly combine wheat flour, little salt and add little water. Knead the dough, sprinkling water little by little until it form a soft, elastic ball. Add little oil and mix well. Cover the dough and let it rest for few minutes. In the meanwhile, make the paneer filling.

Take a bowl, add grated paneer, green chillies chopped finely, salt to taste, amchur powder, coriander leaves, curry leaves and mix well. Make into small dumplings and keep aside. Take one piece of the atta dough and form into a ball. Dip the ball in wheat flour and using a rolling pin, roll into a small round paratha. Place one paneer dumpling on the round paratha and gather the edges of the paratha and bring them up. Pleat them over the filling to form a parcel. Seal the paratha.

Spread some flour and place this paratha and gently roll using a rolling pin. Heat tawa on medium heat and place the paratha on the skillet. Cook on medium heat adding butter till pale brown spots appear on the upper side. Flip and repeat the same. Serve hot with yoghurt or curd, pickle and few rings of onions. Do try this dish. Your kids would really love the taste and ask for more. Click on the link for watching the making of paneer paratha. It’s interesting!

Enjoy Cooking!

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