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Top 10 recipes from Kerala

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Kerala is one of the most fascinating and green paradise of India, and is popularly called as ‘God’s own country’. This state is rich in its heritage, culture and unusual exotic cuisine that it brings forefront its culinary expertise with some of the tastiest foods on earth.


The cuisine of Kerala is characterized by the use of its naturally grown rich products that includes coconut & its byproducts like coconut oil, coconut milk, aromatic spices, plantain, jackfruit and tapioca etc that are grown in abundance. Kerala is along the coastal line, hence seafood is very popular and consumed with every meal. Various fish varieties include sardines, mackerel, tuna, rays and shark are extensively eaten. Other dishes also include crabs, mussels and oysters.


Karimeen fry or Fried fish is a very popular fish delicacy. Other fish curry variety that is often prepared in most homes in Kerala is Fish Moilee. Coconut is an essential ingredient in most food preparations and used liberally. Coconut is extensively used in almost every dish that is prepared in any course of the meal.


Other ingredients are the amazing spices which include the cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, green and red peppers, cloves, garlic, cumin seeds, coriander, turmeric etc that tones up the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes by engulfing their essence to give a distinctive taste and variety in the dishes.


Other various locally available vegetables are tapioca, cassava, yam etc which form part of the cuisine of Kerala. Seasonal fruits such as papaya, jackfruit, mangoes and lime are eaten at different times of the year while banana and coconut are available year round and are the staple ingredient of the Kerala meal.


Elaneer or the tender coconut water is the most natural refreshing juice or beverage that is available in abundance to quench the thirst. Kerala is well known for its traditional feast meal known as Sadya specially served during festival or any special occasion. It’s a vast spread of vegetarian delicacies served with boiled rice and a host of side-dishes. The Sadya is complemented by the payasam (also popularly known as Ada Pradhaman) or Paal payasam, a sweet milk dessert native to Kerala.


Traditionally the sadya is served in a banana leaf and the list of dishes include: Boiled Rice, Sambar, Parippu, Aviyal, Kaalan, Theeyal, Thoran, Pulissery, Olan, Puliinji, Pappadam, Mooru, Kaya upperi, Sharkara upperi, Appam, Banana Payasam, Kappa (Tapioca), Puttu (Steam cake) and Puzhukku.


The Kerala Porotta is a flatbread that is served with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. A typical Kerala breakfast may be Puttu, which is rice powder and grated coconut steam cooked together, Idli and Sambar, Dosa and chutney, Idiyappam (string hoppers - also known as Noolputtu), or Appam, a kind of pancake made of rice flour fermented with a small amount of toddy (fermented sap of the coconut palm) which is circular in shape, edged with a crisp lacy frill. It is eaten with chicken or vegetable stew.


Kerala cuisine also has a variety of pickles and chutneys, and crunchy Pappadums, Banana chips, Jackfruit chips, Kozhalappam, Achappam, Cheeda, and Churuttu. Nei Choru (Ghee Rice), Kanji (rice congee) and Payara (moong bean), Kappa (tapioca) and Fish curry (also known as Meen Molee) are traditional favourites of Keralites. Some of the delicacies of the Mappilas of Kerala are influenced by the Arab influence that began in the 7th century. Pathiri is a sort of pancake made of rice flour.


The word Pathiri has its origin traced to the Arabic word fateerah meaning "pastry". Alsa is a Mappila dish derived from Harees, a traditional Arabic dish consisting of wheat, meat (or chicken) and salt. It is prepared by hitting the wheat with strong equipment that makes it soft and palatable. Also Biryani were popularized in Kerala by the Key family of Thalassery. Writing on with this Kerala cuisine does remind me of inspiring you all through with some of the most popular and classic 10 dishes from Kerala which includes:


Fish Moilee Fish Moilee or Meen Molee, a very popular Kerala fish stew that's cooked in coconut milk and spices. The flavour is light, yet spicy with a good bit of green chillies in the mix. Each household in Kerala will have their own version of course.

Pearl Spot - Karimeen Fry Kerala Style Pearl Spot – Karimeen fry is a sought after delicacy in Kerala. The pearl spot fish is marinated in a mixture of lemon juice, red chillies, other ingredients and deep fried until crisp and golden brown. This recipe is an exotic dish of Karimeen fry cooked in Kerala style. The Karimeen fry is a spicy fried fish coated with zesty masala. Karimeen is one of the most important fish species in Kerala state and is also the state fish of Kerala.

Aila Fish Fry Aila Fish Fry  is made of King fish. Here in this recipe, by substituting the King fish with a commonly consumed Mackerel ( Aila, in Malayalam) and making such alternation in the traditional recipe that the authentic flavor of the fish is maintained. Its a very simple recipe, quick to make and yummy to eat. 

Prawns Kuzhambu with Onion Tomato and Coconut Prawns Kuzhambu with Onion Tomato and Coconut is an excellent dish cooked in onion, tomato, coconut and tamarind sauce. This is just like a Kuzhambu made in southern India.

Kheema with coconut curry Kheema with coconut curry is an amazing dish, flavourful and deliciously made with minced meat cooked in freshly ground coconut and mint masala spiced with green chillies and aromatic Indian spices. This is a very popular non-vegetarian dish from the cuisine of Kerala. Goes excellently well with Malabar paratha, roti, chapatti or rice!

Chicken Roast Kerala Style Chicken roast is one of the authentic, delicious menu item in restaurants. It is made with chicken pieces cooked with pepper and spices. This dish goes well with rice. Never replace actual black pepper with pepper powder

Egg Roast Kerala recipe Eggs roast is a delicious onion and tomato based gravy paired with steamed rice flour is one of the most popular breakfast combos in Kerala, almost synonymous with life in Kerala. This Egg Roast is spicy and delicious and is sure to be a hit among family and friends.

Kadala Curry Black Channa Masala Kadala is a coconut based kala chana (black chickpeas) curry that is rich in protein and lip smacking good when eaten with many starch dishes .Shallots aka sambar onions and fresh coconut are essential ingredients. Kadala curry is one of the classic Kerala vegetarian recipes you will ever taste. 

Jackfruit Poriyal This Jackfruit Curry Recipe is exotically delicious, and makes for a fantastic vegetarian or vegan main dish. Green jackfruit is remarkably similar to chicken in consistency, and is even referred to as "vegetable meat" in many parts of Southeast-Asia.

Avial Avial is a dish that has a unique place in typical Kerala as well as Tamil cuisine and Udupi cuisine. It is a thick mixture of vegetables, curd and coconut, seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. Avial is considered an essential part of the Sadya, the Keralian vegetarian feast.

Ulli Theeyal – Shallots Curry Ulli Theeyal is a spicy and tangy curry made with shallots or baby onions cooked in tamarind sauce.

Raw Jackfruit Biryani Raw Jackfruit Biryani is an exotic recipe with amazing taste and aroma. This is prepared in the same way like any other biryani using raw jackfruit flesh popularly known as Kathal biryani or Panasakaya biryani.

Kerala is known for its spicy and hot food. It has a large collection of delicious and delectable dishes that would be difficult to sum up in this feature,

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Do try out these Kerala recipes and enjoy their explicit and distinctive taste of each dish.

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