Mirchi Vada

Mirchi Vada or should we also call it Jodhpuri Mirchi Bada which is a very popular namkeen snack in the state of Rajasthan. The traditional Mirchi bada is made of the large variety of green peppers stuffed with a spicy potato mix, coated with gram flour and deep fried until slightly golden in colour.

The Mirchi vada is usually cut into pieces and sprinkled over with some chaat masala, topped with little beaten curd and tangy tomato sauce just before serving. This is one of the most cherished snacks that are eaten hot especially while inviting the monsoon showers. It is a delightful and prominent snack in Jodhpur among the Jodhpurians as well as the tourists visiting that place. The thought of Mirchi Bada makes many mouths water, when taken a bite of the mirchi bada, it is luscious, lip-smacking and is an outburst of spices and flavours bursting into your mouth that make you crave for more.

People of Jodhpur love eating this and wait in long queues to buy this famous snack from their favourite shops in Jodhpur. It is one of the most lovable hot….spicy…..and sweet snacks. Generally the giant size of green pepper or jalapenos is not that very spicy or hot, hence can also be eaten along with the stuffing. It gives a nice texture and crunchiness around the smooth and soft stuffed potato mix. Mirchi vada or Mirchi bada tastes good with tomato sauce or can also be served with mint and tamarind chutney.

This variety of Mirchi bada is a speciality of Jodhpur and as the water in that region is good lends it a unique taste. Mirchi Vada combines well with another Jodhpur speciality, Mawa Kachori dipped in sugar syrup. Some very popular shops in Jodhpur are preparing this snack past 45 years and it is usually served with 2 pieces of white bread called as ‘Set’, as the Mirchi vada is placed in-between the bread slices and served. In southern India, Mirchi vada is known as Mirchi Bajji and differs in the stuffing. The ingredients vary among different areas of the country and among different cultures. You could also get another version of this recipe by clicking this link: https://www.vahrehvah.com/Mirchi+Vada:2927

Fresh fleshy hot chillies fried stuffed with tangy paste and fried in besan flour is the basic recipe of Mirchi vada. The different types of fillings include a sesame seeds and tamarind paste filling where about few sesame seeds (til) are slightly roasted a nice aroma is released and then ground to powder with lime size tamarind soaked in warm water and thick juice extracted and salt added to make a tasty and yummy filling. Next is a mixture of peanut, tamarind paste or amchur powder and salt mixed. Another amazing and fantastic stuffing is the mixture of potato, lime or lemon juice and salt mixed together. Once the Mirchi vadas are ready they are sprinkled either with chaat masala or jeera powder to enhance the flavor of the outer casing.

Rajasthan is well known for its rich culture, traditions and its authentic food delicacies. Jodhpur is considered to be one of the famous cities in Rajasthan which is truly known for its Royalty in food. Jodhpuri cuisine is popular for its array of delicious sweets, namkeens which has its own unique and authentic taste and flavour. A traditional Jodhpuri thali consists of rice, dal, subzi, chapatti, sweets, papad, kheer and the list goes on…J. Jodhpuri food contains lots of lal mirch powder and garam masala which doubled its taste.
Mirchi vada, Kachori, Samosa, Kofta etc are some of the popular namkeen snacks made in Jodhpur. Other commonly cooked regular homemade dishes are Gatte ki Sabzi, Papad ki Sabzi, Dal bati, Churma etc. Bajra is extensively used in Rajasthan especially in the city of Jodhpur.

Mirchi vada has an incredible and unique taste and one can’t stop the cravings and nostalgia from eating the mirchi vada. It is a very popular Hyderabadi snack too with different stuffings from different region in India but the Hyderabadi style mirchi bajji deserves more appreciation for this delicious tangy filling taste. The mirchi vada is easy to prepare at home and make an excellent way to begin almost any special meal or served as a light meal/ snack on busy days. This dish is also one of the popular snacks served as a part of the main meal during marriage function or receptions and parties. It is a very popular Indian street food snack and often served as an evening snack with a cup of tea.

To prepare this wonderful and spicy Jodhpuri Snack, firstly start preparing the stuffing. Add little oil in a hot pan, and put some cumin seeds. When the cumin seeds splutter, add chopped onions and sauté. Add pinch of hing, salt, turmeric and mix. When the onions are slightly cooked, add amchur powder, chilli powder and garam masala. Mix all ingredients well. Add some green peas and mix. Add boiled mashed potato (there should not be any moisture in the potato mash). Mix well, switch off the flame and allow this mixture to cool.

For the outer casing, combine besan atta (chickpea flour), salt and baking soda in a bowl. Add little by little water and make this mixture into a thick paste free of lumps. Slit the green chillies, remove seeds and keep aside. Stuff the green chillies with the potato mix. Dip the stuffed green chillies in the chickpea batter till they are completely covered.

Heat oil in a pan and when the oil is hot, gently drop the coated green chillies and fry on medium heat until they turn slightly golden brown in colour. Remove and place onto a plate. Cut them into small pieces and sprinkle them chaat masala on the cut mirchi. Serve hot with sweet chutney.

Tip – You can also serve hot topped with some whisked curd and sweet and spicy Imli chutney.

To enjoy the taste and flavours of Jodhpuri snacks, do try this recipe.

Enjoy Cooking!