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Nariyal Vadi Coconut Burfi 

Nariyal Vadi or Coconut burfi is a succulent, chewy, mouth-watering Indian sweet delicacy made with fresh coconut cooked in milk and khoya combined together, garnished with dry fruits and flavoured with cardamom powder. Nariyal vadi or Nariyal burfi or Khobra pak are all different names of coconut burfi.

Nariyal Vadi is a very common and popular sweet prepared in most households of India. This sweet is generally prepared during Indian festivals like Diwali, Raksha bandan or religious functions. This dish is easy to prepare, quick and delicious to eat. It also has got a good shelf life and can be stored for a week or two.

Coconut meat is extensively used in south India, coastal areas and some parts of India. The coconut palm is a versatile tree and its versatility is unmatched as it provides nutritious food and a natural sweet refreshing drink, oil for edible and non-edible uses, etc.

Coconut is extensively used in Kerala and is used right starting from breakfast to dinner making a variety of luscious dishes. Fresh grated coconut is used in most of the curries, puttu (a culinary delicacy of Kerala and Tamil Nadu). Coconut is also used in making a variety of chutneys which is accompanied with Idli, Vada and dosa.

Coconut meat is very versatile and used for making yummy sweet and savoury dishes. It is also used as masala for most non-vegetarian dishes. Some of the very popular savory dishes made with coconut are Kheema with coconut curry, coconut fish curry, prawn coconut curry, tomato coconut curry, coconut rice and sweet dishes like coconut ladoo, coconut toffee, coconut pan cake and many more.

Fresh coconut tastes sweet, meaty, creamy and blends well with other ingredients making the nariyal burfi truly tasty. Nariyal burfi has a wonderful distinctive and unique flavour giving it a rich and creamy taste. The fresh coconut meat adds a burst of sweet flavours along with the addition of ghee, khoya, sugar and dry fruits.

To prepare this exotic and juicy Nariyal Vadi, heat a tablespoon full of ghee in a pan.

Add fresh grated coconut and sugar. Slowly cook this mixture in a very slow to medium flame till the sugar gets melted and the coconut is cooked and soft.

After about 10 – 12 minutes of cooking when the mixture is slightly getting solidified or a lump, the mixture is ready. Add khoya and mix well.

Add cardamom powder, mix well and after 3 mins of cooking switch off the flame. Pour this mixture in a greased plate and spread evenly with the help of a spatula (as shown in the video).

Sprinkle some crushed dry fruits (almonds and pistachios) over the mixture. Keep aside and allow cooling. Cut them into desired shapes (squares, diamond, rectangle etc).


Tips: When you grate coconut for this recipe, grate only the white fleshly coconut meat as this will give a nice white/ pinkish colour to the burfis. Always cut the desired shapes in desired sizes when the coconut sugar mixture is hot. It is difficult to cut once the mixture cools and dries up.

You can also add saffron strands, chopped almonds along with green cardamom powder for a richer taste. The trick in making burfi is to know the right time to remove from the flame because, if you take the pan off the fire too early, the burfi mix will be too soft and will not set and if you take it off a little late, the burfi mix will be too dry and will crumble and will not retain the shape you want. But it is just a matter of practice to know the right moment.

Enjoy Cooking!

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