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Popular Indian Potato Dishes

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Potato is one of the most popular vegetable and a favourite dish to many, especially among kids. It is a starchy, tuberous crop of the Solanaceae family. Potatoes have become an integral part in most of the world’s cuisine and are the world’s fourth largest food crop.

There is no feast or festival without an aloo delicacy. The word potato comes from a Spanish word namely patata (the name used in Spain). Potatoes can be eaten in many ways either boiled, baked or roasted. Potato has become a major food resource in Europe and East Asia. The potato was introduced in the Philippines during the late 16th century and to Java and China during the 17th century. It was well-established as a crop in India by the late 18th century and in Africa by the mid-20th century.

Potato is one vegetable that is really adored by all kids and youngsters too. Kids love to eat them in any form be it potato fry, potato curry, aloo paratha or any other dish In India, there are a variety of dishes made of potato like the aloo ki sabzi, batata vada, and samosa, which is spicy mashed potato mixed with a small amount of vegetable stuffed in conical dough, and deep fried. Potatoes are also a major ingredient as fast food items, such as aloo chaat, where they are deep fried and served with chutney.

In Northern India, dum aloo and aloo paratha are a favourite part of the diet; the first is a spicy curry of boiled potato, the second is a stuffed chapatti. Masala dosa from South India is a very popular breakfast snack all over India. It is a thin pancake of rice and pulse paste rolled over spicy smashed potato and eaten with sambhar and chutney. Poori in south India is most of the times served with either aloo curry or aloo kurma. Other favorite dishes are alu tikki and pakoda items.

Vada pav is another amazing fast food or street food from Mumbai made of potatoes and spices. The potato contains vitamins and minerals. The fiber content of a potato with skin (2 g) is equivalent to that of many whole grain breads, pastas, and cereals.

According to nutrition, the potato is best known for its carbohydrate content (approximately 26 grams in a medium potato). The predominant form of this carbohydrate is starch. Cooked potato starch contains about 7% resistant starch, which increases to about 13% upon cooling. I enjoy preparing potatoes as it’s a very versatile ingredient and can be made as snacks for starters, side dish or main course. Potato as such taste bland but amalgamates well with flavors absorbing into them giving explicit taste which makes our taste buds salivate and urge to eat more.

Potato and Pomegranate Salad A healthy salad made with boiled potato and pomegranate (anardana) and mildly spiced, Healthy Indian Potato Salad with Pomegranate and Mint. A delicious, spiced potato salad. 

Breakfast Egg Potato Bread Upma Upma is very common breakfast in south India but it’s an innovation of making upma with bread its taste really good and many kids they won’t eat bread directly so it is good alternative for them.

Stuffed Potatoes in Silky Tomato Sauce Aloo Makhani Stuffed Potatoes in Silky Tomato Sauce - Aloo Makhani is a classic delicacy made with amazingly stuffed potatoes cooked in aromatic and rich makhani gravy. 

Chilli Masala Potatoes Chilly potato has become one of the most liked Chinese recipes. Kids like this recipe very much. Chilly potato can be made in two ways dry or wet.dry you can have as side dish and wet can have it with rotis.

Poppy seed potatoes Aloo Posto Aloo Posto (Potato cooked in poppy seed paste) is a delicious & popular Bengali recipe generally eaten as a dry accompaniment with a meal of steamed rice and daal. 

Aloo Chutney Wala Potatoes Tossed In Chutney Masala Potato tossed in green chutney with indian spices and served with favorite breads.

Onion Potato Salli Combination of onions and potatoes with Parsi style of cooking and the special method of caramelizing the onions gives this dish a unique treatment and texture.

Baby Potato Curry Kaandha Dum Aloo Potato cooked with a onion paste simmered and cooked in dum style. 

Potatoes In Yogurt Curry Dahi Aloo Potatoes in yogurt curry or Aloo Dahi wala is boiled potato cubes sautéed in oil and added to a mildly spiced yogurt based gravy. A very simple dish but delicious too. 

Oily Spinach Potatoes Aloo Palak Aloo palak is a very easy and simple recipe with a combination of cubed potatoes and chopped spinach cooked with masalas and red dry chillies. Serve this subzi hot with rotis or parathas.

Potato Spinach and Radish Curry Potato Spinach and Radish curry is a very simple yet delicious and is a combination of potato cubes, spinach and radish white and greens mixed together and cooked in spicy tomato gravy.

Aloo Chole saagwala Aloo Chole Saagwala is a very popular and common dish in the Punjabi cuisine served in most restaurants made with a mix of potatoes and Kabul channa in awesome saag gravy or chaman masala made with spinach and spices. Saag means a leaf based dish eaten in South Asia with roti or naan. 

Aloo gobhi mutter This is a simple, wholesome dish that is perfect when served with hot Chapatis (Indian flat bread) or Parathas (pan fried Indian flat bread). It makes for a quick and easy meal on those days when you can't be bothered spending hours in the kitchen.

Sufyani Murg Dahi Aloo This is one of rich recipe which influenced by Mughlai cuisine. Sufyani murgh is not available in normal restaurant but in made only in  specialty  restaurant or in five star hotels because it costs more, so it is a flavour chicken dish which can served with roti, naan, and also hot rice.

Mutton with aloo Mutton with aloo is a remarkable Bengali dish, mildly spiced and flavourful. Steaming hot pot of mutton chunks simmered over low heat with cubes of potatoes dunked in freshly ground spices to make rich, thick gravy. Traditionally, the preparation involves slow cooking method so that the meat is cooked thoroughly well in its own juices so that the flavour of the spices penetrates into the meat and aloo and gives an enticing taste to your palates. The dish goes well with jeera rice, ghee bhath, roti, naan, chapatti, parotta and poori etc.

Potato cooked in any form can be eaten with rice, roti, chapatti, phulkas or naan. Do try these recipes and delight your palate with different variations of potato recipes.

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