Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh — The cuisine of Andhra is based mostly on regional variation,  its rich cultural heritage and the influence of the Royal recipes from the Nawabs. The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh is mixed between the eating habits of the Hindus and Muslims style of eating. Being the largest producer of rice in India, Andhra cuisine is mostly rice based which can be eaten with vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Andhra is also the hub of red chillies which makes most of the dishes very spicy or fiery. The traditional delicacies of Andhra are absolutely mouthwatering having a liberal use of spices.The cuisines of Andhra Pradesh can be categorically classified based by its regions like Andhra, Telangana, Rayalaseema, Kosta (Coastal) Andhra and Hyderabadi cuisine.Specialities of Andhra food are spicy and hot like the Pulihora also known as tamarind rice, Andhra pappu, Poppadams, Pesaratu, Gongura Chutney, Pulusu, Avakkai Pickles, Gutti Vankaya Kura or seasoned eggplant etc., apart from other South Indian specialities like Sambar, Rasam, Curds, and Payasam etc. Commonly available snacks are the Mirapakya bajji, Kaarapoosa, Chekkalu, Guggillu, Boondi, Bondaalu and many more.The pickles and chutneys are an integral part of Andhra food and is very popular in every Andhra home which can last for more than a year. Among the pickles is the “Avakkaya” (raw mango pickle).Non-vegetarian delicacies are the dishes like Kodi Iguru (Chicken fry), Kodi Pulusu (Chicken gravy), Gongura mutton etc.The people of Andhra also love their mouth watering popular sweets like the famous Putharekulu, Kakinada kaja, Bobbatlu, Booralu and Bandhar Ladoo. Ghee is the main ingredient in the preparation of all these sumptuous delicacies.Telangana, the western region of Andhra Pradesh — the Telangana cuisine is influenced by the Persian and Afghan cuisines as way long in history Telangana was under the regime of the Muslim Kings. Dishes like Jonna Rotte (Sorghum), Sajja Rotte (Penisetum), Uppudi Pindi (broken rice) are common dishes of the Telangana food.Other popular vegetarian dishes from the land of Telangana are the Ulli akku kura (spring onion curry), Kakaraya pulusu (gravy made of bittergourd), rasam, Karapu Annam (Chilli rice) etc and for the non-vegetarians, it”s the Chapala Pulusu (fish gravy), Kodi Kura, Guddu Pulusu (also known as Egg Pulusu) and many more. Few famous snacks are the Billavakka ( snack prepared with rice flour and deep fried ), Sakinalu — a traditional snack usually prepared during Sankranti festival made of rice flour and sesame seeds.Popular dishes from the Rayalaseema regions are the Alsandala vada, Ulavacharu, Peetala Kura, Brain fry, Liver fry and Prawn Iguru which can be combined with Sajja or Jonna rotis and Raagi sankati (a very healthy and nutritious food)  for an authentic feel of Rayalaseema food. Attirasaalu ( Aresalu),Baadusha, Jaangri, Jilebi, Pakam Undalu (mixture of steam rice flour, gound nutts, Jaggary), Borugu Undalu(a sweet variety made corn of jowar and jaggory), Pala Kova, Rava Laddu are few of the mouth watering sweets also known as Bakshalu of this region.The Andhra cuisine is mainly dominated by vegetarian food but in the Coastal areas of Andhra commonly known as the Kosta Andhra is popular for its seafood dishes made of Fish and Prawns.Hyderabadi cuisine which is a predominant part of the Andhra Pradesh food is influenced by the legacy of the Nizams of Hyderabad. The hallmark of Hyderabad cuisine is the slow cooking method.  The most popular authentic dish of Hyderabad is the Biryani which is a rich-meat dish accompanied by mirch ka salan or Baghare baigan is also known as the jewels of Hyderabadi cooking. The Hyderabadi cuisine is the amalgamation of Muslim techniques and meats cooked with the vibrant spices and ingredients. Hyderabadi cuisine is the ultimate in fine dining. Its tastes ranges from sour to the sweet, the hot and the salty and is ornamented with lots of dry fruits and nuts.Some of the most delicious, mouth watering and authentic dishes from the cuisine of Hyderabad are the Dalcha, Chakna, Murgh ka korma, Dopiaza, Chugur gosht, Boti Kebab, Katti Dal, Khabuli, Bhuna gosht and many more. Haleem is one of the most authentic speciality cooked mainly during the Ramadaan (Ramzan festival) season as it is a very high protein and nutritious dish.Sweet delicacies like Khubani ka meetha, Sheer korma, Shahi Tukre, Gajr ka halwa, Seviyan ka zarda etc are few of the popular sumptuous delicacies of the Hyderabadi cuisine.