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Popular Moong Dal Recipes

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Dals are the most vital elements that is cooked in every Indian house especially south India. There are a variety of dals that we come across. Moong dal is one such very popular dal variety amongst the Sindhi community. It is easy and fast to cook, light, healthy and delicious. Dal is also one of the well known pulses commonly prepared in every house in South Asian countries. The hulled variety of mung beans is called Moong dal. The flavour of moong dal is refreshing and crisp with a touch of sweetness.

When the outer skin is removed, moong beans are light yellow in colour. They are split and flat and cook quickly. They are relatively easy to digest. The yellow split moong dal is used in making any other type of Dal added with tomatoes, chillies and spices or they are added with rice to make Khichdi and vadas which are quite popular.

Moong dal as such is very healthy, adds protein, fiber and nutrients packed to your snacking in a tasty crispy package. These lentil based fritters are best enjoyed hot with green chutney. The yellow gram like other lentils is good source of protein and dietary fibre. They are low in fat and rich in B-complex, vitamins, calcium and potassium. Dal is quintessentially prepared almost in every Indian home daily which is either served with rice, roti or chapatti.

The tempering of dal is one of the most remarkable element, as it makes the house linger with its fragrance to make our taste buds salivate for food. Dal is simple yet very tasty and a classic comforting food. A warm aromatic bowl of dal drizzled with dash of lemon juice gives an amazing zest to the taste buds.

It is also very refreshing and appetizing to eat. Indian cooking is unique and diversified. With so many states and cities around, each one of them have their own favourite spices and recipes as per their traditions and ingredients available in making a variety of dals preparation. However, dal is one of the influential foods in every Indian home. Moong dal (green dal or green gram) – Dried lentil, green or yellow in colour. The whole dal is green in colour and is used to make many preparations like the Pesarattu (also known as green Dosa), pakoda etc.

This is also soaked overnight and sprouted. The sprouted dal is used in preparing salad or also eaten raw. It is highly nutritious and a low cal food. The skinned and split dal is also called the dhuli moong and they are flat, yellow in color and very easy and fast to cook. They’re relatively easy to digest too. Popular dishes prepared with the moong dal are moong dal vada, sprouted moong dal salad, moong dal payasam, moong dal khichidi, moong dal ladoo etc. Below listed are some of my favourite moong dal recipes:

Moong Dal Pakoda Moong dal pakoda made with moong dal is combined with spices, onions, green chillies, fresh herbs, mixed together and deep fried to make lentil based fritters. 

Moong Dal Puri Moong Dal Puri is fantastic puffed India bread made with all-purpose flour combined with soaked split moong dal and other spices ground together; made into stiff dough and deep fried into excellent round shaped puffed puris. This is a very popular variety of the Jodhpuri style of cooking. 

Pesarattu Green gram dosa Pesarattu actually means an attu (crepe or dosa) made from pesara pappu (full moong dal or green moong dal or green gram). It is a lentil based pancake served as a best breakfast dish with coconut chutney.


Pesarattu Pulusu Pesarattu is a pancake made with Moong dal (green gram), made into dumpling and cooked in tamarind gravy. In southern Indian states, Mung batter is used to make crepes named pesarattu. 

Palak Moong Dal Fry Moong Dal with Spinach is a very nutritious and healthy recipe. It no only makes the dal interesting, but also increases it nutritional value. This is more like stir fry than a liquid dal and it is not fried too much, like the stir fried spinach mung dal, which is also a very common dish in many houses in south India. 

Moong Dal with Spicy Onion Moong Dal with Spicy Onion – Boiled grainy moong dal is a dry dish tossed well with some onions and spices added with moong dal.


Bottle Gourd and Split Green Moong Curry This combination of bottle gourd with moong dal is an very hit combination and is best suitable for a for meal. 

Tomato Dal Tadka Tomato Dal or tomato pappu is an excellent stew made with lentils cooked in tomatoes. This recipe is immensely simple to make and the taste is out of this world. 

Ven Pongal South Indian Ghee Khichdi Recipe Ven Pongal also known as Khara Pongal is a popular South India Ghee Khichdi type made with rice and dal cooked and seasoned to flavour and garnished with nuts. Pongal is the simplest and quickest breakfast recipe and scrumptious to eat. Ghee added to the ven pongal enhances the flavours and allures your taste buds with its aroma lingering around while cooking this dish. 

Dals are nutritious and rich in proteins. They are often served with hot rice, roti, chapatti, phulkas or naan.

Do try these recipes and delight your palate with different variations of dal made with moong dal.

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