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Every thing about WHITE PUMPKIN MOR KULAMBU | Vahrehvah :

White pumpkin Mor Kulambu is a popular south Indian dish made with white pumpkin cooked in buttermilk with fresh herbs which imparts great flavors to the dish. Mor Kulambu literally mean buttermilk curry and is actually seasoned with cumin seeds, coriander seeds, pinch of turmeric powder and mustard seeds.

Mor kulambu or Mor kuzhambu in Tamil or Kachiya moru in Malayalam or Majjiga charu or pulusu in Telugu or Majjige huli or saaru in Kannada or Kadhi in Gujarathi are all similarly cooked with very little variations regional wise. Mor Kulambu is absolutely a satisfying south Indian dish made with yoghurt and fresh coconut.

Mor is Tamil means buttermilk and kulambu is gravy or curry. Few people in south India add fresh peppercorns which enhances the taste of Mor kulambu as they impart great flavor. White pumpkin or white gourd is a wonderful low calorie vegetable and has many benefits which come very handy in our daily life problems.

Pumpkin is incredibly a rich source in vital anti-oxidants and vitamins. Being called a humble backyard vegetable is good source of vitamin A, flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidants like leutin, xanthins and carotenes. White pumpkin  Mor kulambu is a simple and easy to cook dish with subtle flavors.

There are numerous ways of making this Mor kulambu. White pumpkin tastes bland but when cooked in sour and tangy buttermilk with spices and fresh herbs taste truly excellent. White pumpkin nicely absorbs the flavors into them and gives a punch to the dish.

You can also add other veggies like okra, brinjal, bottle gourd, spinach or collard greens to this Mor Kulambu. If you are exhausted with all these veggies than you can add little fried besan bajjis or steamed lentil dumplings (pakodi ki kadhi). Mor kulambu is a must festival dish that is cooked in most of the Brahmin houses in south India.

It is a popular side dish in every marriage celebration and festival in most Brahmin Iyer & Iyengar family of South India. Rice with dal and Mor kulambu is an excellent combination and tastes heavenly. This dish also tastes good with Dhal Beans / Cabbage Curry. It is also refreshing and a coolant which is best for the hot summer afternoon lunches.

For preparing this simple yet delicious White Pumpkin Mor Kulambu, firstly peel the skin of the white pumpkin and cut into equal sized pieces. Boil the white pumpkin pieces with pinch of salt and turmeric powder. Meanwhile soak channa dal for about ½ hour.

Beat the curd well to bring to lassi consistency. Grind all the following ingredients which include green chilies, curry leaves, ginger garlic paste, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, and shredded coconut into a fine paste and then add soaked channa dal and again grind for few seconds.

Keep this mixture aside. In a kadai or pan put little oil. When the oil get hot, put chopped onion and green chillies. Fry well till onion becomes light golden color and then add the channa dal mixture to it and mix well. Fry this for a minute. Now add the beaten curd and boiled white pumpkin pieces and mix well.

Add water if the consistency is too thick and salt to taste. Cook for about 5 minutes and garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves. Serve white pumpkin mor kulambu with plain rice and pickle. While preparing this dish try using 2 days old curd as it needs to be sour.

Do not grind channa dal to a very fine paste. It is very easy to make and hardly take about 15-20 minutes for preparation. This dish is extremely luscious to taste and is relishing when served along with plain hot rice. Not only for its taste but is also a healthy and nutritious dish.

Do try this recipe and enjoy its taste. Click on the below link for detailed recipe:

Tips:  Use only freshly grated coconut as its flavor is wonderful and sweet. Do not let the curry boil once you have added the yoghurt or buttermilk. Use low heat and stir constantly to prevent boiling. The best suitable vegetable for mor kulambu is Ashgourd (white pumpkin known as Poosanikai in Tamil). Another vegetable is ladies finger.

Vadai mor kulambu is also another treat. You would also find few people using brinjal, cucumber, drum stick, potato, manathakali vatral, sundaikkai vatral etc. If you are using ashgourd, first you have cook the vegetable pieces (you have to remove the skin, seeds and the white inner portion and cut it into medium size pieces) with little water, salt and turmeric powder till soft.

Drain the excess water. Then add to the buttermilk mixture and bring to boil and while using ladies finger, cut the vegetable into 2 inch pieces and fry it in a teaspoon of oil till it changes its color and add to the kulambu and bring to boil. Pumpkin is a storehouse of many anti-oxidant vitamins such as vitamin-A, vitamin-C and vitamin-E. 

It is one of the vegetables which is very low calories that  provides just 26 cal per 100 g and contains no saturated fats or cholesterol; but is rich a source of dietary fiber, anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins. White pumpkin is recommended by dieticians in cholesterol controlling and weight reduction programs.



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