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Most Popular & Easy Pickle Recipes

Every thing about Most Popular & Easy Pickle Recipes | Vahrehvah :

Summer is getting brighter and sun’s heat getting on, this is the actual time when most of us are busy preparing a variety of Indian pickles which is one of the important element in a south Indian course meal. Indian pickles are often made with vegetables or the unripe form of fruits.

Pickling is also one of those magical preservation methods that extends the food’s shelf life but also take its flavors around the world. There are a variety of foods in Indian cuisine that are pickled. Green Mangoes, Gooseberries (amla) and lemons are the common foods that are pickled in Indian cuisine and most Indian homes.

Most of the Indian families have their own unique pickle and chutney recipes that are passed on from generation to generation. Other common and essential ingredients that are used in pickling are edible oils like sesame oil, mustard oil and different Indian spices like asafetida, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, fenugreek and plenty of salt.

There are some regions that specialize in pickling meats, fish and prawns. Vegetables can also be combined in pickles to make mixed vegetable pickle. Some varieties of fruits and vegetables are small enough to be used whole.

In south India, most vegetables are sun dried with spices and pickled. Vegetables that may be sun-dried and pickled include amla (gooseberry), unripe mango, lime, garlic, ginger, chillies, tomatoes, onions, gongura (sorrel leaves), combinations of these, coriander, brinjal (eggplant), bitter gourd etc. Apart from these pickles, Tamilians in southern India sundry green chillies stuffed with salted yogurt, making this a dry condiment commonly known as Mor Molagai. This is later deep fried and typically eaten with hot rice or curd rice.

North Indian style of pickling is different than the south Indian. North Indian use unripe mangoes, lemon, green chillies, gunda (cordial) and kerda are the key ingredients in Gujarati cuisine. Most Indian food lover’s, start their meal with little hot rice, ghee and pickle. This is just heavenly, divine and extremely delectable.

My Favourite Pickle Recipes are:

Vah Mango Pickle Vah Mango pickle is a spicy and tangy condiment that is made in almost every Indian household and has their own unique taste. This pickle is generally made during the summer season with lots of spices and mango (green or raw mango) pieces.

Lemon Pickle Lemon pickle is a popular pickle recipe made with lemons cut into pieces and mixed with red chilli powder, salt, turmeric, garlic, fenugreek powder; combined together and store for a period of time. h

Garlic Pickle Garlic pickle has a very nice hot and sweet flavour. A melange of flavours marinated garlic combined with jaggery, chillies and other spices, to make a rich, complex, bold spicy pickle.

Ginger Pickle Ginger pickle/ Allam pachadi is a very popular spicy pickle from the Andhra cuisine. Ginger is widely used in Asian and Indian cuisine. It is prepared by peeling and crushing ginger and mixing with the tamarind pulp and seasoning with mustard seeds.

Gongura Pickle Ambadi A speciality pickle made with Gongura also called as Ambadi in Maharashtra.

Chilli Mustard Pickle Maharashtrian Style Small pieces of green chillies cooked with mustard and served as pickle and salad accompaniment to many Maharashtrian recipes. Chilli Mustard Pickle is an incredible pickle made with small pieces of green chillies sautéed in a seasoning of little hing, turmeric powder and fresh crushed mustard powder. This more like an instant pickle that can be served with any type of Bhakri such as jowar ki bhakri, jowar bajre ki bhakri, roti and salads.

Fodni Mirchi Tempered Green Chillies This fodni mirchi which is actually tempered green chillies originates from Maharashtra cuisine, and acts as a delightful accompaniment to curry, rice, chapatti, bhakri.

Carrot Cauliflower Pickle Carrot & cauliflower pickle is a mixed vegetable pickle prepared by adding lemon juice and other spices. It is made of raw vegetable and seasoned with spices like the chilli powder, mustard powder, garlic etc. Has a nice tangy hot sweet crunchy pickle.

Basic Chicken Recipe This spicy chicken pickle is one of many ways we make chicken pickle.

Shrimp Prawn Pickle Shrimp prawn pickle, shrimps/prawns heavily spiced, is a fantastic spicy and fiery hot condiment popularly made in the coastal areas of Andhra and Goa.

Curd Pickle dipping This delicious curd dipping pickle, also known as Perugu pachadi made with yoghurt as the main ingredients is used as a dip or accompaniment and tastes great with just about anything! Spicy and pickled tasting curd goes well with pakodas, chapatis, dosas, samosas etc. This is the most easy way of preparing salad dressing and dips using pickle.

Raw Tamarind and Red Chilli pickle

Cucumber pickle

Prawn Balchao Goan Prawn Pickle Curry This fiery dish from Goa (in coastal western India) is almost like a pickle! Do as the Goans do and serve it with hot plain boiled rice.

Chinese Pickled Vegetables

Generally for an Indian food lover, a meal is incomplete without a pickle or fresh chutney. Do try these flavoursome, colourful, zesty and fiery pickles that will awaken up even the blandest of the dishes.

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