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Mushroom rolls is an excellent crispy and crunchy snack recipe made with mushrooms stir fried with chopped celery, boiled peas, minced garlic and seasonings like pepper and salt. It is an exceptional snack that can be made in a jiffy for hungry school returned kids. Baked bread rolls stuffed with a spicy mushroom and peas filling can be served with any tomato sauce or hot garlic sauce.

Mushroom rolls a bit similar to a cutlet but this recipe makes it a nutritious and healthy snack as the rolls are baked. They are really a wonderful snack with tea. Stuffed bread rolls are very versatile for lunch ideas even. Generally rolls are either baked or deep fried.   You can choose your own tasty and delicious fillings. Bread Pakora is a popular north Indian snack made with boiled potatoes and spices stuffed in bread slices and deep fried. 

Other popular roll recipes are bread roll, spring roll (according to Chinese traditional spring rolls symbolize and bring wealth and prosperity since their shape and color are similar to a golden bar),  kathi roll, chicken roll, egg roll (stuffed with boiled egg), cucumber roll, smoked salmon sushi roll and many more that can be added in the list.

Making of any variety of roll is simple and needs a delicious and flavourful filling with just a few mix of vegetables or meats or seafood and can be enjoyed in several ways. Mushroom roll can be made in any shape you desire, are usually crisp or crunchy and have no toppings. Home made fresh bread rolls or any rolls are an excellent treat for you and your family.

There is something magical about the smell, taste and texture of mushroom roll that makes the extra effort worth it. The beauty of these rolls is that they are made with mushrooms which are low in calories and less fat and moreover these Mushroom rolls are baked. These are extremely versatile rolls packed with nutrients and you can really fill them with anything and just are super delicious.

Mushrooms come in many varieties and are highly versatile ingredient.  Mushrooms have long been prized in history by high society as a delicacy. Today there are still a few varieties in Europe and Asia, such as the morel and matsutake, which remain an indulgence on any menu par excellence. From the common button mushroom to the more exotic-looking white cloud ear and yellow oyster, mushrooms add great nutritional value and taste to meals.

Mushrooms, such as morels or shiitakes, are not always easy to find fresh, yet are available dried all year round from any grocery store or super markets. The flavour of dried mushrooms is more concentrated, making them a better alternative to the fresh. While buying  fresh mushrooms look for good shape and bright, unblemished colour. Older mushrooms tend to shrivel and have a greyer tinge.

To prepare this yummy and delicious Mushroom rolls, firstly saute chopped mushrooms in butter for 2-3 min. Add onion, and saute for 3 mins. Let it cool.

Add flour, salt, pepper, garlic cream. Blend it well. Cook the mixture till it thickens. Add peas, celery, lemon juice. Stir for 2-3 mins. Let the mixture cool.

Flatten the bread slices with rolling pins. Spread the mushroom mixture over the slices (in the center). Roll up the bread covering the mixture. Refrigerate for two hour the rolls. Cut into halves the rolls.

Put butter over the rolls. Place it in greased baking dish. Bake at 400 degree F for 25-20 mins., till golden brown. Place it the plate and garnish with shredded carrots and cheese. Serve with chips.

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These rolls are a wonderful treat as a snack or to go as a side with a good salad and some pasta. Yummy! Tip: Use a damp cloth to clean mushrooms. Due to their porous flesh, mushrooms should never be washed, as they absorb liquid and become saturated. Before cooking, trim the base of the stems where the individual mushroom or cluster joins, as this area is often chewy in texture, then choose the right cooking technique for the variety of mushroom.

As a rule of thumb, the more delicate the mushroom, the less cooking time is required. Most mushrooms however, will not hold up well to lengthy cooking. If you want to add mushrooms to a stew or braise, consider sautéing them first, then adding them only toward the end. Mushrooms shrink as they cook, and a long stewing process might leave you with little tiny bits.

Try not to crowd the pan when cooking mushrooms, as this lowers the heat too much and makes it more difficult to brown them nicely. Mushrooms are not only delicious, but they also have many health benefits. They are earthy, satisfying and delicious delights. While cooking mushrooms, follow two rules:  Use high heat and sear them brown. Enjoy Cooking!

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