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Every thing about RAVA KESARI,pineapple rava kesari, pineapple rava kesari recipe. :

Rava Kesari is a lip-smacking south Indian sweet which is simply divine and a quick-fix sweet, that can be prepared in a jiffy with rava, sugar, ghee and cardamom. Rava Kesari is usually made on festive seasons like Diwali, Navratri Pooja, or for any special occasions at home. This dessert recipe is among those desserts that can be rustled up quickly when you have sudden guests at home. There is one thing that gets people away from trying kesari. They end up with sticky kesari or end up with lumpy kesari. But this is a fool proof recipe and the kesari just glides in your mouth. Rava Kesari makes you feel like digging into a piece of cake as the texture is similar – crumbly and delicately soft. While milk, ghee and sugar had worked their magic in combining all the ingredients and lending it a smooth texture, cardamom had contributed to intensify the flavor and of course, it is incomplete without the mention of saffron. The prized spice is the final ingredient which completes the dish, giving it that beautiful orange tinge. Some tend to substitute it with orange food coloring, but there’s nothing like being natural and pure. 

Dessert makes us go weak in the knees. It's a warm blanket on a cold winter evening. It's icing on a cake and the climax to an absolutely spectacular movie. There is no denying the fact, that desserts give a befitting end to any meal. Especially Indians have a penchant for sweets, no doubt. Not only are desserts part of our staple fare, but they are also offered in our places of worship. Be it the khada Prasad at Gurudwaras or the boondi ladoos served at temples, desserts form an integral part of our sacred offerings. And by and large, all Indian desserts use sugar, milk and khoya as staple ingredients. Ranging from Gulab Jamuns to Payasam, nostalgic favorites to modern avatars, we bring to you the most loved Indian desserts. Here are some most delicious deserts worth trying , Bombay Karachi Halwa, Raisins Halwa , Phool Makhani Halwa, Badam Lauki Ka Halwa, Pumpkin Halwa With Apple, Anjeer Ka Meetha, Pineapple Sooji Halwa, Apple Halwa, Gil E Firdaus , Ande Ki Piyosi Custard , Rose Flower Halwa, Groundnut Halwa, Carrot Halwa Puree, Anday Ka Halwa , Sweet Potato Halwa, Maida Halwa, Halwa Puri, Bombay Ice Halwa, Suji Ka Halwa ,Gajar Ka Halwa, Beetroot Halwa, Besan Halwa, Groundnut Halwa, Carrot Halwa , Sheera, Khambhati Halwasan, Moong Dal Halwa, Bread Halwa, Badam Halwa, Sweet Corn Halwa, Suji Dates Halwa, Bitter Gourd Sweet, Raw Papaya Halwa, Besan Ki Barfi  , Mango Sheera, Makhandi Halwa, Jowhar Halwa, Ragi Halwa, , Halva Kheer Spring Roll.

Rava is the most commonly available form in India. In the Unites States, similar products are available under the name Farina, Cream of wheat or wheat semolina. These can all be used as a substitute to make the Indian dishes made with rava. It is commendable how rava is used in so many different ways across India. While upma, the spices and vegetables mixed breakfast treat, seems to steal the limelight, the sweet versions too have their own set of patrons. Rava is used in south Indian cuisine, such in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, to make Rava Dosa, Rava idly, Upma, khichdis, Tomato Bath, Dry Upma With Cauliflower, Rava Poori and also sweets like , Sweet Semolina Poori, Rava Ladoo, Rava Delight, Rava Lapsi, Rava Cake – Basbousa, and Rava halwa also known as Rava Kesari.

"A delicious meal cooked in ghee". Ghee is prepared by simmering butter, which is churned from cream, and removing the liquid residue. Many of you might be avoiding ghee in your diet. But it’s far better than using butter. It has a high burning point making it more desirable for cooking, especially Indian cooking as we like tadka in almost everything. Anything in moderation doesn’t do harm to our bodies. We need to know our limits. Well it’s a personal choice to consume ghee or not but do consider its benefits.

Preparation Tips:

  • There are two stages in the process where there are chances to get lumps. One is while adding rava to boiling water and the second one is while adding sugar to cooked rava. But the key is, adding slowly rava or sugar and stir properly & constantly.
  • To check the correct consistency, touch the kesari after u pour it in the plate. If it is non-sticky, kesari is done!! If not, again keep on fire and mix for a minute. It will be done. Kesari hardens when it cools down. So, make pieces when it is warm.

Health Tips:

  • Rava is good for diabetics since rava is made from durum wheat (hard variety) and not the usual soft wheat which is used in bread making, it is digested slowly. Having a low glycemic index, rava is ideal for those who wish to lose weight or those who have blood sugar problems.
  • Rava is vital for important body functions, it has a good supply of vital vitamins and minerals.
  • Rava or Semolina improves kidney function, because it has potassium content.
  • Ghee is a natural lubricant for our bodies.
  • According to Ayurveda Ghee increases memory.
  • Ghee aids digestion and absorption of vitamins and essential minerals and anti-oxidants.
  • Ghee has loads of healing properties.
  • Ghee is rich in K2 and CLA(Conjugated Linoleic Acid) – an antioxidant with anti-viral properties if it is sourced from grass fed cows.
  • Milk is often fortified with vitamin D, which is also beneficial for bone health.
  • Women who drink skimmed or low-fat milk lose more weight easily.
  • At the end of the day, a glass of lukewarm milk helps in reducing stress and relaxing the nerves.
  • Warm milk between meals is also good to promote oral health as it protects the enamel.

Rava kesari is always served as the sweet dish during wedding breakfasts. A perfect rava kesari should be soft in texture yet hold its shape and should just melt in the mouth; having full aroma and fragrance of ghee.

“Enjoy this delicious, soft kesari on special occasions and make it even more special”

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